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Curbside Pickup

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To take advantage of this service, use the form below to request materials, or call any library location between 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday, to request books, movies, or audiobooks. You can give us a list or ask us to pull a selection for you based on reading level and genre.

Our computer system generates our list of holds overnight, so if you’re wanting to request same day pick up, please call the Library

Once your request is ready we will call you to schedule a pickup. When you arrive we will be happy to bring those materials to your car.

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    Item Pickup

    Once your request is ready we will call you to schedule a pickup. When you arrive we will be happy to bring those materials to your car.

    The safety of our community—including our patrons and staff—is the most important consideration of this project, so all curbside transactions will be ENTIRELY CONTACTLESS.  That means:

    • Patrons need to call the library from the parking lot to let staff know they’ve arrived and which car they’re in.
    • Patrons will show staff a photo ID through a closed window.  Staff will not approach a car with windows down.
    • Staff will place materials on the curb and step away for the patron to retrieve.
    • For patrons visiting the library on foot or bicycle, waiting and pick-up areas will be designated on sidewalks so materials can be placed for pick-up while maintaining a safe distance.
    • Returned materials must be placed in exterior book returns.  Library staff will not accept returns directly from patrons.
    • Returned materials will be quarantined for three days, so those materials may remain on a patron’s account for several days after return.
    • Patrons can still check out 4 DVDs at one time, but the overall limit will be increased to 8 so that patrons have access to the movie collection while returned DVDs are still in quarantine. 


    Other things you need to know:  

    • All checkouts will be for six weeks until the library resumes normal operations.
    • Pick-ups for curbside service will take place weekdays between 10 AM and 5 PM.
    • To address a backlog created while the Library was entirely closed, Friday April 24 will be dedicated to dispensing patron holds in the system as of Thursday morning, April 23.  The first pick-up for new requests will be Monday, April 27.
    • Donations to the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library Book Sale are suspended until further notice.  Please do not deposit book donations at the libraries.  They will be thrown away. 


    Common Questions 

    Q: I’m wearing a mask.  Why can’t they just hand the materials to me?

    To maintain the recommended distance of six feet, our curbside services are designed to be completely contactless.  We appreciate your understanding as we do everything possible to help our community flatten the curve.

     Q: I just put something on hold.  How soon will it be ready for pick-up?

    Our computer system generates hold lists overnight, so library staff won’t pull your materials until the list is created on the following weekday morning.  If you are hoping for same-day service, it’s best to call the library.

     Q: Will I be able to pick up my materials the same day I request it?

    In most cases yes, but depending on demand and staff availability, some orders may be not be ready until the following day, or longer if materials need to come from more than one library. 

     Q: According to the website, the materials I want are at several different libraries.  How long until they’re ready to be picked up?

    Depending on when you make your request and where your materials are located, getting all your materials together could happen within one day or take up to 3.  Library staff will contact you when your materials are ready.

     Q: Can I just check out 8 movies right now?

    No. The new DVD limit is in place to allow library staff to safely quarantine library materials while still allowing patrons to access DVDs in our collection. 

     Q: I have some things checked out right now; when are they due?

    All items checked out as of Friday, April 24 are now due on May 30.  All materials checked out on or after April 24 will be checked out for 6 weeks.

     Q: Can I stop by to see if my stuff is ready?

    Library staff will contact you by phone or email when your materials are ready for pick up. Please don’t stop by the Library because we remain closed to the public.

     Q: I’m not sure what I want.  Can you help?

    Absolutely! You can call the library and ask for suggestions or just ask us to choose a selection for you based on genres and reading levels. 

     Q: I still have questions.

    We’re happy to help!  Please call us at any of our five locations between 9 AM and 6 PM on any weekday. You can also send messages to the Library’s Facebook page which is monitored evenings and throughout the weekend.