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Volunteer Opportunities

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Amarillo Public Library Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Amarillo Public Library. Volunteers are a valuable resource to the Library and Friends of the Amarillo Public Library. While donations of time and talents are greatly appreciated, each volunteer should recognize that there is an obligation to provide service within the guidelines and policies of the Amarillo Public Library. In addition to the agreements outlined in Amarillo Public Library volunteer application, the following principles guide volunteer programs:

  • Volunteers are not to be placed in budgeted staff positions.
  • Prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application and submit to a City of Amarillo background check.
  • Volunteers must be in good standing with the Amarillo Public Library
  • All volunteers must be at least 16 years old OR have been actively involved with the Amarillo Public Library teen programming throughout the last year.
  • All volunteers must abide by the policies and conditions of the Amarillo Public Library.
  • Failure to comply with guidelines or agreed-to volunteer commitments may result in dismissal as an Amarillo Public Library volunteer.

Confidential Information

Volunteers may not perform activities that could reveal confidential patron information or use the Integrated Library System (ILS).

Handling Money

Volunteers will not work with library funds or funds associated with projects sponsored by Friends of the Amarillo Public Library. Financial transactions at the Library and Friends of Library events such as Book Sales, AMA-CON, and Books to Broadway are to be conducted only by Library staff or by members of the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library Board of Directors.

Attendance & Dependability

Once a volunteer has chosen a work schedule, it is expected that he/she will be available at the agreed-upon time. If you must miss a volunteer session, please notify your staff contact as soon as possible. Please be prompt and consistent, and in your assigned area when expected.


Volunteers are expected to enter and exit through the front door of the Library. Volunteers are welcome to use staff break rooms and rest room facilities. Volunteers will be issued name tags which should be worn at all times when representing the Library.

Dress Code

Casual clothing is fine, but we ask that your attire be neat and conservative. Teens should follow public school dress codes.

Emergency Procedures

Volunteers are to immediately report every job-related injury, regardless of severity, to their staff contact. Volunteer coordinators will maintain personal information to be used in case of emergency. Volunteers will be trained in established Emergency Procedures to follow in case of an emergency notification.

Media Relations

Library volunteers may not present themselves to the public or the media as an Amarillo Public Library spokesperson. Only approved Library staff and members of the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library Board of Directors may speak on behalf of the Library, the Friends, or Library sponsored programs such as AMARILLO READS, AMA-CON, or BOOKS to BROADWAY.

Inclement Weather

If Amarillo ISD schools are closed for inclement weather, Amarillo Public Library will be closed as well. For days when school is not in session, Amarillo City Management decides if City offices are open or closed and the Library will follow City policies accordingly. Information on closures will be reported to local media and posted to the Library’s Facebook page. Library volunteers are encouraged to like Amarillo Public Library on Facebook in order to remain informed about closures and cancellations.

Recording Hours

It is important for volunteers to sign in and out each time they report for work. Accurate and up-to-date records are important. Volunteer hours accumulated in training will be included in service hours.

Use of Equipment

Library-owned equipment, including copy machines, fax machines, computers, supplies, and other materials are for Library use only and may not be used for personal business. No equipment or material is to be removed from the Library.

Customer Service

Volunteers may come into contact with Library patrons and it is important that volunteers maintain a professional, friendly demeanor at all times. All patron questions other than directional are to be referred to a staff member who is trained to provide informational services for patrons.

Community Service

Persons who seek volunteer assignments at the Amarillo Public Library to meet a requirement set by an outside agency for the performance of community service shall be subject to the above selection process and all other provisions of this policy.

Available Opportunities

If there are no suitable volunteer opportunities, application forms will be kept on file for a period of one year. Applicants will be called if a project is identified which matches their interests or qualifications.